I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 2nd Annual Content Marketing Strategies Conference this week (#contentnow). I spoke about making the shift to content marketing. While this change management topic resonated with the audience, several folks asked me after for advice around how to actually DO content strategy.

I promised to share a template I created about a year ago. I call it The Content Audience Mapping Strategy template (picture and download of xls template file is below). It’s a tool we use to document content strategy (by audience) and identify the exact content that needs to be created to achieve objectives. It contains what I call, “The 5 W’s”: 

1. WHO is the specific target audience?
2. WHATis the type, topic, source and format?
3. WHERE will it be placed and promoted?
4. WHEN in the audience’s journey will it be used?
5. WHY are we doing this?

I designed the template to help facilitate building a content strategy in a collaborative manner with all the people responsible for creating, delivering and amplifying content (marcom, pr, web, social, etc)

I’ve attached the excel file below. Within it are two tabs. The first tab contains the template. Hover over each column header (where you see a red arrow) to get help along the way. The second tab contains instructions, dependencies and recommendations.

We are in the process of revising this template to try and make it even better. I would love to hear your thoughts on the template or hear/see any templates that you use to help facilitate the content strategy process. Keep in mind this does not replace an editorial calendar nor does it replace a production plan. This comes before those other stages. BEFORE you actually create the content. 

What do you think?


DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE: Content-Audience-Mapping-Strategy-Template@HeatherMeza