Heather & Aaron Meza circa April 25, 1992

I’ll be celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary to my Jr. High sweetheart this April. Awesome, right? Yes. It truly is. We are blessed. BUT! i never got to date. So I watch the Millionaire Matchmaker. Yep! I love Patty, Dustin and is cutie pie wife. I like to watch folks transform, i like to see nice people seeking out (and hopefully) finding a lifetime love connection.

And with that, i give you the 5 things you can learn from the Millionaire Matchmaker about Inbound Marketing:

1) Let them plan the date!  Stop trying to control everything! Let the customer lead. Stop trying to sell them, instead help them get to know you and then you’ll learn if there’s something to build on.

2) No sex before monogamy. Stop leading with your dick (excuse me) product/service. You don’t want a one night stand, you want a marriage. Act like it!

3) Two drink minimum! Do you want to sound like a tool? A ditz? No! so don’t do anything to impair your judgement. Don’t let politics (and the BS of B2B especially) blur your vision. Stay focused on the task at hand. Do what’s right for the relationship, and everyone wins.

4) it’s called MATCH-making, not GUESS-making. So start targeting the right people. not everyone is going to be a match. And even if they are, they may not be ready yet. Know your audience, yes. But more importantly… know yourself. Know your company and target the customers that are ready to make a match with you.

5) This is about forever, respect it, trust it, build it. We’re not talking about “going around” like in Jr. High. We are talking MARRIAGE! Start thinking about the lifetime value of your customers (instead of just single dates on and off over the years). Invest in them and they just might invest back.

I could probably go on, and on, and on with this one. But i wont 🙂 5 feels good to get the conversation going. I’d love to hear your’s! What’s your #6, 7, 8…? Comment away!