Fuck web hierarchies. Free the content!

October 5, 2011

This is a 4 minute, raw, unedited caffeine-fueled passion-rant. I recorded it on my phone while driving down San Thomas Expressway on my way home from work.

I talk about how we should throw away old thinking that leads with web hierarchies and archetectures and instead enable a multi-dimensional approach to sites  so we can FREE the content to live where ever the audience is seeking it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you agree? Do you think i’m way off? Do you have an alternative perspective? Do you have any experience with customer journey mapping or content marketing? SHARE! I’m starving for a dialog on this topic 🙂

Also, this is the first time i’ve done an audio blog. Let me know what you think about this approach/format.


(correction: I say iPad 4s at one point when I meant to say iPhone 4s)



2 Responses to “Fuck web hierarchies. Free the content!”

  1. Kirsten said

    Heather,I completely agree. It’s pretty presumptuous of us to assume that we know how to feed content to users. They don’t come to our content because their goal is to increase the number of hits or dwell time on our pages. Our audiences have lives and goals of their own :). One thing I wonder about, though, is proprietary content, where you want to make it available to some people, but not everyone. I guess you free that behind a wall, applying the same principals?Love the rant!Kirsten

  2. Heather Meza said

    Thanks Kirsten! Yeah, i would agree. Entitlement of content is sometimes necessary. However, i think often we overdo even that. I personally believe we should err on the side of openness versus restriction, and really only restrict what is absolutely necessary (legal reasons, for example). Love the feedback and dialog. Thanks for listening and commenting!!!

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